Video reveals why it’s not a good idea to wear a mini skirt on a motorbike

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    Next time someone offers you ride on their on superbike you might want to check what you're wearing.

    The girl in this video clearly thought her mini skirt was the perfect attire for a high speed drive, but she clearly didn't account for the bumpy conditions.

    With the bike bouncing along the road it didn't take long for passers-by to treated to a cheeky view of her bare bottom.

    And to make things worse for the unlucky passenger, the whole embarrassing experience was caught on a GoPro and uploaded to social media for everyone to see.

    The racy film has now been shared over two million times on Facebook and has recieved plenty of admirers.

    However, not everyone is so impressed with the video and many bikers have commented that's it's madness to ride without full protection.

    Once Facebook user wrote "All good till you come off and lose a few pounds of flesh!!! Idiot!!!"

    Whilst another commented: "Doesn't she know her arms and legs will be scarred for life if they crash and hit the gravel"

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