Ukrainian boy to buy house for his mum after making a fortune on Minecraft

A 17-year-old Ukrainian boy in Scotland plans to buy a house for his homeless mum after making a fortune from the popular game Minecraft.

Maksym Gavrylenko, a pupil at Lomond School in Scotland, has made a 'substantial' amount of money from selling a Minecraft server he ran from his bedroom.

He says he now hopes to buy his mum a property after several years of struggling with homelessness.

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Maksym told PA: "I am very proud that I was able to turn my passion into a profitable business and I plan on treating my mother.

He continued: "As a result of the war, she was forced to flee her home, leaving her homeless, so to buy her a property will make all the hours spent on this project worthwhile."

Maksym bought the Minecraft server in 2021 for around £1000, and made changes to it over several years which saw it boom in popularity and attract hundreds of players.

Once advertisers became interested he was able to sell the project for money, something he said he never expected as he and his friends only started it for fun.

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Maksym said: "We never imagined it would develop into a viable business opportunity, but with guidance from my brother who works in tech, and the school, I was encouraged to explore the possibilities to turn it into something bigger.

Maksym's mother is currently staying with friends in Portugal, while other members of his family including his grandparents and sister have remained in Ukraine.

Maksym now plans to study business management after applying to several universities, as he said he 'really enjoyed the entrepreneurial side of the project'.

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