Twitter makes drastic change to stop spammers polluting the site

Twitter has announced new plans to limit the amount of accounts that users can follow in one day to 400.

Previously, a Twitter account could follow up to 1,000 new accounts each day.

Predictably, this became a favourite tool of spammers and automated accounts which would repeatedly follow and unfollow the same account.

The bods at Twitter have cottoned on to this tactic and announced the new limit as a way of trying to bring it under control.

Up until now, many Twitterers opted to use the ‘like’ button to save tweets for later, but CEO Jack Dorsey recently said the social network was planning to remove this button in a bid to improve the quality of debate.

However, it’s not clear people will opt to use the bookmarks just yet because it requires two button presses rather than one.

As ever, all most Twitter users really want is an edit button. No sign of that yet, though.

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