TikTok cosplayer who ‘accidentally shot’ pal dead at Batman bash deletes channel

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A popular TikTok cosplayer has deleted their account after being accused of accidentally shooting a schoolfriend dead—and could face twenty years in prison for manslaughter.

23-year-old Mary-Anne Oliver-Snow, aka Yandere Freak, was a TikTok 'cosplayer' with more than 1.6 million followers. Now, they are facing involuntary manslaughter charges after claims they shot a childhood friend in the head in Houston, Texas.

Oliver-Snow said a group of friends, including 18-year-old victim Helen Hastings, were watching the popular Batman-inspired series 'Gotham' and 'playing' with what they thought was an unloaded gun left by an ex-boyfriend.

According to a court report, the group had been passing the gun around and drinking and that they "might have been too drunk."

Then, Hastings reportedly approached Snow and joked, saying 'Ooooh shoot me', and as they were laughing Oliver-Snow said 'Oh, OK', and pulled the trigger.

Helen Hastings was 18 years old and a first year student at university.

She died a day after the shooting while in intensive care. Friends have paid tribute to her 'bubbly' personality, and "laughter, enthusiasm, and compassion".

TikTok streamer Oliver-Snow, who was known for dressing up in different costumes, said they were 'in shock' as the gun was supposed to be empty and had never been fired before.

They claimed to not know how it went off, and that everyone in the house had touched or held the gun.

Oliver-Snow reportedly told police that the group had been drinking vodka and coke and smoking weed during the day and were 'hammered'. They cooperated with police and each gave a recorded statement.

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Oliver-Snow, who identifies as non-binary, has since deleted their popular TikTok channel after it emerged that the shooting had taken place in January.

They had been posting TikToks for nine months following the shooting, with some even including 'bloody handprints'.

This month Oliver-Snow was placed under new bail conditions instructing to seek mental health treatment after admitting in court that they have been "extremely traumatised by the incident".

They were previously placed under nighttime curfew, which they reportedly violated several times by letting the battery on their ankle bracelet run out.

"My client is devastated," wrote the TikToker's defence lawyer in a court statement. No trial date has been set yet and Oliver-Snow has not entered a plea ahead of a November 17 court session.

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