This Windows 10 news is what many Microsoft fans have been waiting for

The next big Windows 10 update will bring a swathe of upgrades and new features to your Microsoft-powered PC.

This blockbuster release has been teased for a while with fans of the software desperately waiting for news of an official release and now it seems Microsoft could be ready to unleash the changes to millions of users.

As noted by Neowin, Microsoft pushed out a build over the weekend to its Windows Insiders in the Slow and Release Preview rings.

This release is highly unusual as the US technology firm hardy ever updates its software over a weekend.

There were also just two fixes as part of the upgrade which could suggest that things are getting very close to a final release.

Microsoft has confirmed that this refreshed operating system will be called Windows 10 May 2019 Update and there’s clearly not long left until the end of the month.

All signs, therefore, point to a something coming very soon with Neowin speculating that general availability may come this week.

As a quick reminder, Windows 10 May update includes numerous changes and improvements to Microsoft’s popular operating system.

One of the most notable of these concerns the operating system’s signature Start menu, one of its most fundamental pillars for finding and sorting through different applications.

First and foremost, the May 2019 Update will introduce a “simplified” Start layout for new Windows 10 devices, making it easier to get to grips with.

In addition to this, Microsoft is also doubling the amount of pre-installed apps that can be removed from Windows 10.

This means, once they have downloaded the upgrade, fans will be able to scroll through their programme list using the Start menu and get rid of the ones they do not want or need.

Other extras include improvements to the Cortana assistant and something called Sandbox.

Sandbox is a piece of software that is designed to run suspicious applications in an isolated environment.

There’s plenty to look forward to in this May update but fans of Windows 10 may also be set for some bad news.

It seems Microsoft is increasing the amount of space its operating system takes up with things rising from 16GB to 32GB.

This means you must have that amount of space clear on your PC before you can install the changes.

Discussing the Windows 10 change, Microsoft said: “Starting with the next major update we’re making a few changes to how Windows 10 manages disk space.

“Through reserved storage, some disk space will be set aside to be used by updates, apps, temporary files, and system caches.

“Our goal is to improve the day-to-day function of your PC by ensuring critical OS functions always have access to disk space. Without reserved storage, if a user almost fills up her or his storage, several Windows and application scenarios become unreliable.” will be watching for official news of the Windows 10 update and will update you as soon as we hear more.

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