These are the ultimate iPhone 12 deals: How to get the cheapest prices on Apple smartphone

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iPhone 13 has arrived on store shelves across the UK, which means those who want to save on their monthly bills can now look to last year’s iPhone 12. While it might not be the latest and greatest smartphone from Apple, the iPhone 12 is still an incredible handset. It has the same flat-sided industrial design as the iPhone 13, a rear-facing dual 12-megapixel camera system, an OLED display with support for HDR playback, wired fast charging, and the magnetic MagSafe connection that lets users snap wallets, cases and wireless chargers to the back of the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 arrives in a wider range of colours than its successor too, including Purple, Blue, Green, White, Black, and (Product) Red – a crimson-red shade that helps support the global AIDS charity co-founded by U2 frontman Bono. It also boasts Face ID to unlock your handset and banking apps as well as authenticate Apple Pay, which lets you tap your iPhone like a contactless card so pay at the checkout. iPhone 12 also supports superfast 5G downloads.

If you’ve already got a SIM-only deal that you’re happy with, a number of high street retailers have dropped the SIM-free cost of the iPhone 12. Barring any Klarna or credit plans, that means you’ll need to pay for the entire handset upfront.

Thankfully, the biggest UK mobile networks have also dropped iPhone 12 prices following the launch of the next entry in the series. These pay monthly deals – from the likes of EE, Sky Mobile, Vodafone, Three, and O2 – include the cost of the smartphone, any calls or text messages, and the 4G or 5G mobile data you’ll need to browse the internet, send WhatsApp messages, make video calls, and stream music when you’re away from your home Wi-Fi connection. A number of these networks also bundle some freebies, including a complimentary subscription to Apple Music, or Disney+.

The number of deals, discounts, and mobile networks can be a little overwhelming. Fortunately, has rounded up the best iPhone 12 deals around at the moment…

Three – Unlimited 5G Data

Three easily tops our list of the best iPhone 12 deals around right now. Not only will you benefit from super-speedy 5G downloads, but you’ll enjoy unlimited texts and calls with this 24-month contract too. The unbelievably competitive £28.50 a month cost lasts for the first six months, after that, you’ll need to pay £57 a month for the remainder of your contract. But even so, this is a stellar deal!

View Deal Upfront cost: £29

Sky Mobile – 10GB of Data

Available in all six colour options, this iPhone 12 deal from Sky mobile arrives with unlimited texts, unlimited calls, and 10GB of data. While that isn’t as generous as some of the other pay monthly deals on this list, it’s important to remember that Sky Mobile lets you rollover any unused data onto next month. So, if you’re not travelling a lot right now, you can quickly clock-up a huge allowance for your next trip

View Deal Upfront cost: £FREE

Carphone Warehouse – Unlimited Data

If you’re hunting for the ultimate iPhone 12 bundle, look no further than this phenomenal deal from Carphone Warehouse’s own-brand iD network. The monthly cost is unbelievable when you consider that it includes the price of the handset, unlimited mobile data, unlimited calls and texts – and free roaming around Europe. The only snag is the £49.99 upfront cost.

View Deal Upfront cost: £49.99

Vodafone – 25GB of 5G Data

Vodafone has an extremely competitive deal on iPhone 12 right now. Although you’ll have to stomach a £49 upfront cost, this 36-month plan comes with some very competitive monthly bills. Vodafone also includes battery health checks and replacements included for up to three years at no extra cost. You’ll also get 5G speeds at no extra cost and free streaming in Europe until January 2022.

View Deal Upfront cost: £49

Virgin Media – 160GB of 5G Data

Virgin is currently offering a massive 160GB monthly allowance for the same price as it usually charges for 16GB. If you’re looking to stream endless boxsets, make video calls from the road, and more – this is the sort of plan you need. Elsewhere, you’ll get unlimited texts and unlimited minutes.

View Deal Upfront cost: £FREE

O2 – 150GB of 5G Data + 6 Months Free Disney+

Not only will O2 bundle more than enough speedy mobile data to make video calls, stream music, and browse the web on-the-move …but it’s also throwing in a six month free Disney+ subscription, so you can use all of that data streaming boxsets and movies. You’ll also be able to take that data, as well as the unlimited texts and minutes, to 75 destinations worldwide at no extra cost. Brilliant!

View Deal Upfront cost: £20

EE – 100GB of 5G Data

For £51 a month, you can pick up an iPhone 12 with a generous 100GB of superfast 5G mobile data every month. You’ll also benefit from unlimited text messages and calls. Being on the EE network, you’ll get access to its unmatched UK coverage and free Wi-Fi on the London Underground …although you do have to pay a little extra for that privilege.

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