The major upgrade Sky promised last year is now available on your TV

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After months of waiting, Sky is finally rolling out a useful update that will help families get to their favourite content faster. Personalised Playlists was actually announced late last year but was hit by some unexpected delays which meant it missed its original launch date. Luckily, it now seems that Sky is ready to push this upgrade out to TVs across the UK and, once downloaded, it will mean each member of the household will see recommendations that are targeted at their individual tastes.

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Personalised Playlist lets users create five unique accounts within the Sky menu. Specific content can then be linked to each person so when they log in for an evening’s viewing, only shows that suit their tastes should appear in the recommendations window.

It basically means parents won’t be bombarded with cartoons and children won’t see anything inappropriate.

Those who only watch endless sports action shouldn’t be served up with reality TV shows and vice versa.

To create a Personalised Playlist, users simply need to head to the Playlist section on the Sky Glass or Sky Stream homepage and then tap the + icon on the screen. A name and avatar can then be made and saved. Once created, each time a show is added to the Playlists section the option will pop up to link it to a specific individual.

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It’s a useful update and it isn’t the only new feature coming to devices with Sky also confirming a number of other upgrades including a new ‘Play’ voice command.

This option allows users to simply say “Play Love Island” and pick up exactly where they left off in the South African villa. This means there’s no need to head to a specific Show Page or trawl through search results.

Another nice feature is the addition of a new Cast and Crew rail that now appears within Show Pages.

Users can then tap on the name of a specific Hollywood actor and instantly see all of the content that stars them.

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One final change is an improvement to Bluetooth on Sky Glass. This basically lets users connect headphones and listen to what’s on the screen without the main soundbar speaker going silent.

Sky hopes this will help customers who are hard of hearing listen with their headphones, while watching with the rest of their household.

This major upgrade, which is called Entertainment OS 1.1, should be available now and will be automatically applied to devices such as Sky Glass and Sky Stream.

There’s no word just yet on a Sky Q launch but hopefully, things will be rolled out to these devices in the future.

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