Spotify Launches Feature To Search for Songs via Lyrics

Spotify is finally making it easier for users to find a song they only know by a lyric or two, thank to its latest “lyrics match” feature.

A Spotify engineer took to Twitter to share her team’s newest addition to the streaming service, uploading a screenshot of the Spotify app with the lyrics “if i could id be” typed in the search bar and a list of songs with the “lyrics match” label just right below it. The engineer, who goes by the name of Lina on Twitter, also confirmed that the tool is available for both iOS and Android users.

In addition to the new feature, Spotify also launched a new set of charts that will separately tally the top albums and songs in the U.S. and globally. Each chart will be updated every Monday and tracks data from Friday until Thursday. Reports state that the new lists will be different from the charts seen in the app, and will only released on the Spotify Charts Twitter account.

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