SpaceX engineers quit Elon Musk’s company to make a ‘giant army of pizza robots’

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A team of SpaceX engineers have ditched Elon Musk in pursuit of a much more important mission for mankind: lots of tasty pizza.

Their new LA-based company, Stellar Pizza, plans to build an army of pizza robots capable of baking tasty pies in 45 seconds.

They want to load these robots onto a fleet of trucks and send them out around California, where they'll dispense hot molten slices for a fiver a pop.

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Apparently, the pizza is actually pretty decent, according to professional pizza consultant Noel Brohner.

Brohner, who tours the world criticising people's pizza, said that he tried Stellar's earliest pizza recipe.

He said: "I was really impressed, and kind of shocked that a couple of rocket engineers could do so well for themselves even before I got brought in."

The robots act just like human pizzaiolos. Using a robotic arm, they grab balls of dough, slap it into a 12-inch circle, and then dump a load of sauce, cheese, and toppings before slinging it into a mega-hot pizza oven.

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The pizza is tracked by smart cameras and sensors which can ensure nothing goes amiss while they're baking.

Customers will be able to order a pizza using the company's app and, within a couple of minutes, tuck into their favourite slice. No more waiting around for 40 minutes, but there's something to be said for the love and craft that goes into a genuine human-made Italian pizza.

The rocket engineers have founded the company as SpaceX faces continued criticism for its working practices.

Engineers at the space firm are reportedly expected to do 60+ hour weeks and work through breaks and lunchtime when deadlines loom.

Maybe Elon Musk will let them have 5 minutes off to eat a tasty robotic pizza once he finally makes it to Mars.


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