Sony tease fans with UK PS5 stock shortage announcement ahead of Black Friday

There may finally be a light at the end of the tunnel for long-suffering Playstation gamers this Black Friday, as Sony has begun launching direct sales of the Playstation 5 in Europe.

The technology company announced that Playstation Direct is expanding to the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, and has already launched in Germany.

It means people will be able to buy the latest Playstation 5 console and games directly from the manufacturer using the PSN store online, rather than having to wait on shops to restock it or paying over the odds to rip off scalpers.

Although Sony have given no firm launch date for Playstation Direct in the UK, speculation is rife that it will go live in the next few weeks in time for Black Friday or the Christmas holidays.

This is because Sony airlifted three planes' worth of PS5 stock to the UK late last month.

While the PS5 is still selling like hotcakes, several different retailers have announced restocks this week.

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Just today, pre-Black Friday deals on PS5s went up on AO, Very, and ASDA, although quickly vanished in minutes.

If you're looking to find UK PS5 stock in time for Black Friday, your best bet is to keep an eye on the dedicated stock update pages.

The 'PS5 Stock Alert UK' Twitter page provides hourly updates and even a Discord server that can send you direct notifications.

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The Playstation 5 has been hit by shortages ever since it launched last year due to extremely high demand and, critically, a global semiconductor shortage which has meant everything from toasters to Xboxes are in short supply.

Tech industry experts don't expect the shortages to get any easier until late next year, which may be why Sony has started calling in the big guns with Playstation Direct.

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