Snapchat is challenging both Netflix and YouTube with its latest idea

Snapchat is stepping up the fight against rival services with a new feature allowing users to binge-watch its ‘Creator Shows’ original content.

If you’re not familiar with Original Shows, they involve celebrities and influencers like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Serena Williams and Kevin Hart making videos for Snapchat. These are monetised and displayed inside the app as short-form, vertically-orientated original videos.

Schwarzenegger’s show is called ‘Rules of Success with Arnold Schwarzenegger,’ and involves motivational words of wisdom from The Terminator himself.

But a new development is making these shows available to binge, Netflix-style.

At the moment, they are integrated into the ‘Discover’ section of the app. But according to Mashable, users will be able to swipe over from the Discover page to access a dedicated ‘Shows’ section of the app.

According to the site, it looks much ‘cleaner’ than other parts of Snapchat and will be instantly comfortable to anyone that uses streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime. It has a grid layout that includes your recently watched shows and the ones you’ve subscribed to.

A spokesperson for Snapchat has confirmed the company is testing the feature but hasn’t confirmed when it’ll become fully available.

In April, Snapchat revealed it was aggressively pushing ahead with original content.

The new shows – targeted at the majority under-34 Snapchat user base, include a scripted drama called Two Sides that covers a teenage couple breaking up, showing both points of view at the same time.

News programmes, documentaries and comedies also feature and Snap, the company that owns Snapchat, says time spent watching shows has more than tripled over the last year.

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