Slack is down and people's working day just got a little bit harder

Thousands of Slack users have complained that they are unable to log on to the messaging site this afternoon.

On its Twitter account, the service said: ‘Some customer may be experiencing issues with loading Slack.

‘We’ll provide a status update once we have more information. We’re sorry for the disruption.’

Those users who have been able to connect or log in have complained of messages either disappearing or not sending as they try to chat to colleagues.

Others have been struggling to send files, while some haven’t been getting notifications.

The problems appear to extend to all versions of Slack, on desktop and on people’s mobile phones.

Those of you who have a tonne of work to get through today might be fretting over the outage making your day just that little bit harder.

But others made light of the crash, with one Twitter user writing: ‘Slack is down. We’re all free. Run for your lives.’

Please take your time. No hurry🥲

Logging into work after a 3 day weekend to find out #slack is down….

if slack stays down for 15 minutes we legally get to go home

When Slack goes down at the beginning of your day.

Work when Slack goes down

You’re laughing. Slack is currently experiencing issues and you’re laughing.

Me trying to communicate when #slack is down

‘Does Slack being down mean I don’t have to work today?’ another asked.

Yasmin Atherton wrote: ‘Anyone else come to Twitter to see if Slack is down or if they’d been fired?’

On its website, Slack said it was aware of the issue and looking to find the cause. It wrote: ‘We’re investigating the issue where Slack is not loading for some users.

;We’re looking into the cause and will provide more information as soon as it’s available.’

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