Sky TV remote has a ‘special’ button that most people have never even noticed

With hundreds of channels and dozens of streaming services, Sky TV is vast—but it's not always easy to navigate.

Scrolling through apps, finding the right channel, and viewing your recorded programmes can all be a bit tricky for the button-challenged among us.

What few Sky TV viewers know is that there is a special hidden button on the remote which you might not have even noticed.

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Eagle-eyed Sky TV subscribers have noticed that the 'Sky' logo at the top of the remote isn't just there for show—it's actually a very useful button.

Next time you load up your Sky Q box, make sure to press the logo because it gives you instant easy access to all your recordings, including movies and TV shows.

You'll be able to quickly see your whole library of recordings without having to go through all the menus. So, if you missed a programme last night that you wanted recording, you'll be able to get cracking on it straight away.

The logo button works from anywhere within the Sky interface, meaning you can get to your recordings even when you're watching a show.

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That's not the only hack for your Sky TV remote.

If you want to get back to the previous channel you're on without having to type in a number, you just have to press the blue arrow key on the remote.

You can also hit the voice control button on the Sky Q remote and tell your TV what to do. For example, if you want to fast forward five minutes, you can just instruct the TV to 'skip five minutes' or even 'restart' the show.

And, if you ever lose the remote, you just have to press and hold the Q button on the Sky TV box.

The remote will beep with a loud alarm to help you find it, just like Apple's 'Find My iPhone'.


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