Sky TV issues official warning to UK customers to take action on new login scam

Sky TV subscribers across the UK have been issued with an urgent warning about a nasty scam which could hand their bank details over to cybercriminals.

The TV giant has discovered that online crooks are using the Sky box's built-in QR code system to hoodwink customers into visiting fake websites and handing over their personal details.

Sky users typically have to scan an on-screen QR code to sign into their accounts on the telly.

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However, this is apparently being exploited when people scan the code using a third-party QR code app, some of which are sending them onto dangerous sites.

That's why Sky is urging people to only scan QR codes using their phone's built-in camera app, rather than using a 'QR code app' downloaded from an app store.

Sky said: "Sometimes when you're signing up for a new app on Sky Q, Sky Glass or Sky Stream, we might ask you to scan a QR code that appears on your screen. This is so we can get you set up faster.

"We’re currently seeing a problem where some customers, who are using third-party QR code scanner apps, are being re-directed to a fake website and having their financial details stolen."

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The firm added: "We’d advise you to only use your phone’s camera when scanning QR codes on Sky pages. If your phone camera does not have a built-in scanner, carefully enter the URL provided next to the QR code into your phone’s browser."

You can scan a QR code just by opening your camera app and holding it up to the QR code. A pop-up should appear asking you if you want to open a link. You may have to wait a few moments before you can use it however.


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