Sky takes aim at Freeview with return of lowest ever price for TV and broadband

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Freeview might have just upgraded its service to bring more features to UK homes but Sky is fighting back with an offer that looks pretty enticing. The satellite TV firm has just relaunched a deal that brings over 250 Freeview channels and full broadband access for the lowest ever price. This latest discount joins a number of other best Sky deals which have also slashed the price of watching TV with the Sky Q, Sky TV, Netflix & Cinema bundle now £34 per month.

Sky Q Lite Deal

Sky has launched an unmissable bargain offering its award-winning Sky Q box bundled with speedy broadband at a very low price. This bundle gives access to over 200 channels, the Sky Q box to pause and rewind live telly and stream Netflix and Prime Video, all powered by average broadband speeds of some 36Mbps. Of course, you can add paid-for channels, Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and Netflix at checkout too

Contract length: 18-months | Set-up cost: £29.95

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The new cost cut means customers can get Sky’s popular Lite package for just £30 per month. It’s a good deal considering most broadband contracts alone cost around £25 per month and Sky is bundling in their award-winning Q set-top box as well.

That means those who sign up will be able to record multiple shows at the same time, pause live TV, access numerous Sky apps and find content by simply speaking into their remote thanks to full voice search. Sky Q also offers an easy way to tune into services such as Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV+ without needing another device plugged into the back of TVs.

As we mentioned earlier, the Sky Q Lite bundle also includes 36Mbps internet speeds which is just about fast enough for homes that stream the odd movie, surf the web and send endless emails.

Sky Q explain simple way to navigate the home screen


Sky Q Lite – NOW £30 per month
INCLUDES: 250 Freeview channels, 36Mbps broadband plus a Sky Q box
TERMS: 18-month contract, £29.95 set-up fee

It is worth noting that the Sky Q Lite bundle does not include any access to Sky’s premium channels although these can be added at an extra cost.

For example, you can switch on 150 channels, including Sky Atlantic, Sky News, Sky Documentaries and Sky Max for £9 per month.

Netflix can be bundled in for £4 more per month and Sky is also offering deals on its Sports and Cinema packages.

Those wanting to watch the Premier League and F1 can pay £18 to add Sly Sports (usually £32) and swathes of blockbuster movies now cost £12 per month (usually £19).

Unlike the new Sky Glass TV which uses broadband to beam content into homes, Sky Q does require a dish to be stuck to your home. If that sounds like too much hassle then Sky has announced a deal on that connected TV with users able to sign up for just £13 per month and also get free Netflix and Sky channels.

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