Sky offers customers blockbuster new upgrade – and you could get it FREE

Sky will finally join the superfast mobile revolution with the launch of 5G technology. This huge upgrade means customers can now access the web, stream movies or download box sets at a much faster rate.

5G is capable of offering speeds over 300Mbps, which is considerably faster than 4G and should enable users to download a full HD movie in under two minutes. More importantly, 5G networks shouldn’t become clogged-up in the same way as 5G because of the extra bandwidth, so you won’t see the same slowdown when in a packed football stadium, or gig.

Sky says its 5G service is now available to all Sky Mobile customers with some able to access the speeds without paying a penny extra. Sky VIP members can get 5G for free, with nothing to pay on top of Sky Mobile’s existing tariffs, which start from £6 a month for a 3GB data plan.

If you fancy giving this new service a try, it’ll initially only be available in 20 cities, including London, Edinburgh, Belfast and Leeds, with plans to roll out to a total of 50 UK destinations by summer 2020. However, you’ll need a new 5G-ready smartphone as existing 4G devices are not compatible with the new network technology.

Sky Mobile says it now has a range of 5G ready phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, Samsung Galaxy A90 5G and more to launch in future.

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Prices start from £28 a month for the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G, from £46 a month for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, or £48 a month for Samsung Galaxy S10 5G – all include 3GB data and 5G for free. Full pricing is given in the pricing table below.

Speaking about the upgrade, Sky Mobile managing director Paul Sweeney said: “We’re excited to be launching superfast 5G on the award-winning Sky Mobile network, and even more excited to be offering it free to all Sky VIP customers. Sky Mobile is the ideal choice for anyone who wants a faster mobile connection and great value.”

Full list of towns and cities with Sky Mobile 5G coverage: London • Edinburgh • Cardiff • Belfast • Leeds • Slough • Leicester • Lisburn • Manchester • Birmingham • Glasgow • Liverpool • Newcastle • Bradford • Sheffield • Coventry • Nottingham • Norwich • Bristol • Derby • Stoke


Depending on where you are in the country it’s possible to get an average 4G speed of around 20-30Mbps. That’s as fast as most fixed-line broadband and would allow you to download an HD movie in around 20 minutes.

If you’re very lucky, it is possible to get 4G speeds of around 400Mbps although this isn’t something many consumers will have ever experienced.

5G takes things to a new level with average speeds expected to exceed 100Mbps. It’s also very likely that some users will experience speeds nearing 1Gbps with an HD movie downloading in under 40 seconds.

On a recent test, managed to see speeds of over 300Mbps.

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