Sky FINALLY ditches the satellite dish! All-new XiOne box will change how you watch Sky TV

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There’s been no shortage of rumours about a satellite dish-free Sky box coming soon. exclusively revealed that secretive testing was already underway last month, followed by new details about the capabilities of the redesigned box. And now, we have our first look at the new streaming set-top box – and an official name.

The all-new hardware has been revealed by Comcast, the US media company that owns Sky. Dubbed XiOne, the coaster-shaped streaming gadget is designed to bring the fully-featured Sky Q experience to customers across Europe without the need for a satellite dish on the outside of your house. Meanwhile, in the United States, Comcast plans to use the same hardware to offer Xfinity Flex to new customers.

Sky Q + Netflix subscription

Sky now allows you to unlock the biggest channels from Sky Q, including Sky Atlantic, MTV, and Sky Sports News, as well as a Netflix subscription for £25 a month. Given that Netflix alone will cost you £10 a month, this deal for the complete Sky Q kit and hundreds of satellite channels is pretty special. There are also some great deals if you want to add Sky Sports and Sky Cinema too!

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