Schoolboy nearly got banned from App Store after releasing ‘Splat Putin’ game

A 10-year-old British schoolboy has created a new videogame called Splat Putin to raise money for Ukraine—but claims it was initially rejected from the Apple Store for being 'mean-spirited'.

Gerry Cameron, a Year 5 pupil from Hertfordshire, teamed up with his dad to make the game, which originally would have let players throw poo at Russian president Vladimir Putin.

To comply with App Store guidelines, they replaced poo-throwing with a banana-throwing monkey.

The game is now available for free on the App Store and Gerry has racked up 10,000 Facebook followers for his efforts.

He says his goal is to raise $1 million for a Ukraine charity using adverts, or through allowing players to pay 99p for ad-free play.

Reacting to Apple's strict rules that initially saw the game blocked from the App Store, Gerry's dad Harvey said: "I was really surprised at how hard it was to get Apple to launch it on their store, and the fact they called it 'mean-spirited' I found bizarre.

"If Gerry's game is mean towards Putin, how would you describe how he is behaving in Ukraine?"

So far, Gerry has raised between £600 and £1000, but is still deciding on which charity to donate to.

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Gerry said: "I love technology and gaming and I thought this would be a good time to make a game that can help people in Ukraine.

"Watching my idea for a game come to life has been a really fun experience."

Gerry added that he has ideas for other games in the future that he 'can't wait to share' with the world.

"But, at the moment I am just focusing on growing Splat Putin and earning as much as I possibly can to help the Ukrainian people."

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