Russia threatens to cut off UK’s internet access with underwater weapons

Brits might have to kiss goodbye to Netflix, TikTok and Deliveroo—as Russia has threatened to destroy the UK's internet.

Russia's ex-President, Dmitry Medvedev, said that there are no longer any 'moral limits' that would prevent Moscow from destroying the underwater cables providing Internet access to the UK and its allies.

Reuters reports that the Putin ally made the threat on his official Telegram app channel, where he accused Western countries of blowing up the Nord Stream gas pipeline owned by Russia.

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It follows a warning from the UK's Defence Secretary Ben Wallace that Moscow has submarines designed to damage underwater communication and energy lines.

According to Reuters, Medvedev said: "If we proceed from the proven complicity of Western countries in blowing up the Nord Streams, then we have no constraints—even moral—left to prevent us from destroying the ocean floor cable communications of our enemies."

The underwater cables he is talking about are the backbone of the global Internet, and make it possible for many countries to stay in contact online.

The Nord Stream pipeline was damaged by explosions last September, but whoever was behind it has still not been fully identified.

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Russia claims that NATO forces attacked the pipeline themselves, while US and European officials initially believed Russia had blown up its own pipeline—a suggestion Vladimir Putin called 'idiotic'.

Since then, the American CIA allegedly knew of a plot by Ukraine to attack the pipelines, something that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy denied.

Experts believe that an attack on sub-sea internet cables could be disastrous for the UK, sparking blackouts, internet outages, and even riots.

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