Retro 1989 video predicted what homes would look like in 2020 – and it’s spot on

From folding smartphones to self-driving cars, technology has come on a long way in the last 30 years.

And it seems that back in 1989, predictions for what technology in our homes would look like today weren’t actually far off.

A clip from BBC show ‘Tomorrow’s World’ that aired in 1989 has been unveiled, in which experts revealed their predictions for British homes in 2020.

Some of the predictions including vanishing windows and charging walls were slightly off the mark, while others have actually become a reality today.

In the clip, presenter Christine MacNulty said: “People will want all the benefits of modern technology but without all the cluttered and complex gadgetry that we have today.

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"They'll want homes that work for them. By 2020, all of this will be possible. We'll have things under control without all of these knobs and buttons.

"And what's more, the technology itself will be embedded in the very fabric of the house and its furnishings.”

The experts predicted that houses would feature lights that automatically switch on and off when you walk between rooms, while music could be switched on with simple commands.

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This prediction proved to be correct; there are now several motion-sensor smart lights availble, such as the Philips Hue, as well as voice-controlled smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

However, one prediction that is yet to become a reality was the end of powerpoint plugs.

In the video, the presenter said: “No more powerpoints. Plugs become pads picking up power from anywhere on the wall.”

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While several tech firms have launched wireless chargers, we’re yet to see this technology embedded in the walls of our homes!

The experts also predicted that windows could transform into walls, TV screens or computers by 2020.

The presenter explained: “A simple command can turn a window into a wall, and you could decorate it how you want. Or it could be a television or computer screen.”

While this technology isn’t mainstream yet, back in 2016 Panasonic revealed a transparent TV that can either be used as a window or TV screen.

Finally, the clip touches on pressures to cut down on fossil fuels – which is certainly true today.

Ms MacNulty said: “By 2020, there will have been enormous pressure on us to cut down on our burning of fossil fuels to protect the environment.

“This means that energy management in our homes will become of critical importance.”

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