Remote worker's blistering rant at Microsoft Teams being a 'narc'

Working remotely has been widely embraced since the pandemic, but it does have its challenges.

One of which is – at least for one worker – managing the demands of Microsoft Teams from home.

TikTok user @justapersondoinstuff, vented her frustration at the app for a full minute. In a post captioned ‘Daily rage post’, she branded Teams a ‘narc’ and a ‘snitch’.

‘I don’t have many problems. F****** Microsoft is 100% of them,’ she complains.

The main problem seems to come from the fact Microsoft Teams will automatically switch your status from ‘Available’ to ‘Away’ when you lock your computer or it enters idle or sleep mode.

There is a way to set your Teams status to always available, but nobody appears to have made that clear.

Described as the ‘worst part of working in the corporate world’, she pleads to just be able to ‘set my thing as “Available” for the next two hours because I’m here. I’m literally right here.’

Aside from having to be at her computer all the time, the TikToker says Microsoft Teams makes it difficult to find documents.

Her comments may have resonated with others as the video picked up over 45,000 views with many leaving similar grievances in the comments.

Warning: bad language

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Despite these inevitable technical hiccups, it seems more people than ever want the option to work remotely.

The proportion of job searches on Indeed by candidates looking for remote work has risen tenfold since before the pandemic, with the UK seeing one of the biggest rise in vacancies offering remote work out of all countries.

One in ten job adverts now offer remote working options – nearly four times more than did so pre-Covid.

Just make sure you’re happy with Microsoft Teams before you attend the (virtual) job interview.

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