Prime Gaming: How to get free loot and games with your Amazon Prime membership

Not content with owning the world’s biggest online store, robots, spaceships, and supermarkets, Amazon continues to expand its reach into our lives. By now, the range of products it offers is so vast that many of its customers don’t even realise what’s available to them.

For £7.99 a month, Amazon Prime members get a lot of perks, from same-day shipping to Prime Video. As of last year, though, Prime members also have access to a ton of free video games, loot, and more through Amazon’s Prime Gaming service.

Prime Gaming is a rebranded version of what used to be called Twitch Prime (yes, Amazon owns that too). By logging into Prime Gaming via the Amazon site, Prime members are granted free access to monthly in-game ‘loot drops’.

Right now, FIFA 21 players can access some exclusive monthly Ultimate Team reward packs that drop every month.

Or, if you have Grand Theft Auto V or Red Dead Online, you can download free in-game items and cash boxes. To access these, all you have to do is sync up your Prime account with your gaming platform of choice.

Prime Gaming drops don’t only include in-game items for games you already own on Nintendo, PS4, and Xbox, but also free PC games that you can keep forever – even if you cancel your Prime subscription (or get a free trial…).

The games available change every month, just like on PS Plus – except with Prime Gaming, you can expect to get six or seven free games at a time, rather than just two or three.

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For example, this month’s free games include World War 2 shooter Battlefield V, dreamy sci-fi thriller Planet Alpha, and the classic adventure game, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

Twitch is one of the major ways people consume games these days, enabling gamers to share playthroughs, chat, and stream to one another. Even though Prime Gaming has been rebranded away from Twitch, it still includes Prime status on the platform, which means you get a free channel subscription to your favourite streamer every month.

Gaming no longer means swapping discs around or even spending money any more – it’s about engaging with a broader ecosystem. So if you’re a Prime member, what are you waiting for? Go and get your freebies.

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