Pixel 6 Pro review: Almost the flagship phone Google fans have been waiting for

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When Google’s new Pixel 6 Pro arrived in the post I wasn’t exactly love-struck. The new design, which is dramatically different from both of the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4 before it, is pretty ugly. It’s humungous in your hand and the shiny case and curved screen make it a bar of soap to grip.

Get the Pixel 6 Pro from Mobiles.co.uk

Mobiles.co.uk is offering the Pixel 6 Pro for £33 per month with 150GB of 5G data. There is a £195 upfront fee to pay but this is one of the cheapest overall deals on the market.

View Deal £195 upfront fee

Pixel 6 Pro from £41 with Vodafone

Get the Pixel 6 Pro for only £38 with this deal from Vodafone. The offer includes 2GB of data plus there’s free access to Google’s Stadia Premiere Edition.

View Deal £19 upfront

O2 has the Pixel 6 Pro from £38.75

Pick up the Pixel 6 Pro from O2 for just £38.75. The offer includes 1GB of data plus unlimited calls and texts. Anyone taking out this contract also gets three months of Disney+ free.

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