‘Painful’ Call of Duty bug leaves hundreds of players unable to start game

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    Hundreds of Xbox gamers are being locked out of the game by a frustrating bug—which doesn't seem to have a proper fix yet.

    Players are being greeted by the 'frustrating' error whenever they load up the popular shooter.

    It leaves them stuck on the 'Press A to Start' screen and unable to move forward into the game's menus.

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    It's proving hugely annoying for players who want their daily fix of Call of Duty, and there doesn't seem to be an official fix just yet.

    Xbox experts and advisors have suggested a variety of solutions, including removing your Xbox account, 'power cycling' (i.e. hard restarting) the console, and then re-adding the account to the system.

    One Xbox user suggested an alternative fix for Modern Warfare players, which involves pressing A to start then B to cancel. Then, choosing 'Go Offline', selecting local multiplayer, then pressing B to return before attempting to go online again.

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    Writers at GameXMentor have come up with a range of fixes you can try which go even further, such as completely uninstalling and reinstalling the game or updating the Xbox controller firmware.

    However, many of the solutions don't seem to be working. On Microsoft's official help site, one user wrote: "I've logged out of my account and reset the Xbox console three times each and still have the same problem.

    "What is more frustrating is that it happened with the first Modern Warfare and is now happening after people buy the game."

    The standard edition of Modern Warfare 2 costs roughly £52 on Playstation and Xbox depending on the retailer, making this a hugely frustrating issue for gamers that have forked out for the shooter.


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