Oral-B's latest gadget gives you something very smart to stick in your mouth

Oral-B has just unveiled perhaps the most high-tech electric toothbrush we’ve ever laid eyes on.

It’s called the Oral-B iO and the company says its the culmination of six years of research into dental hygene and brushing behaviour.

The brush has a display on it that lets you flip through a choice of brushing modes and is also used for welcoming greetings and reminders to charge.

Once you get down to business, it’s got a pressure sensor that will guide you to putting optimal pressure on your gnashers for a proper clean via a red and green light.

A timer can be set so you know when you’ve reached the dentist-recommended two minutes of brushing time and, naturally, you get a little smily icon when you’ve reached the goal.

The Oral-B iO magnetically connects to a charging dock that juices the brush up in about three hours and like any good gadget, there’s also a smartphone app that goes along with it so you can record and track your data.

‘Oral-B has driven innovation that changes people’s health, and the quality of their lives, combining oscillation rotation technology with micro-vibrations, so the brush glides tooth by tooth for a smooth and quiet experience,’ the company said in a press release.

The brush is set to go on sale in the UK later this year with the price yet to be determined. We don’t think it’ll be cheap, though.

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