One BT and Sky rival is offering cheap broadband and a £100 Amazon gift card for free

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With the cost of living increasing we’re all looking at ways to save some pennies. Paying for a monthly broadband connection can be expensive but there’s currently a way to get online at a much cheaper price. Shell Energy, which supplies UK homes via BT’s Openreach technology, has just slashed prices across a swathe of its plans.

Shell Energy Superfast Fibre+ £100 Gift Card

With download speeds of 39Mbps, Shell Energy Broadband is fast enough to handle your latest boxset binge from Netflix, video calls, streaming music, and more. This 18-month contract doesn’t have any upfront cost to worry about, and lands with a £100 voucher to spend on Amazon UK. Treat yourself!

Average Download Speeds: 39Mbps | Minimum Contract Term: 18 months | Free Gift: £100 Gift Card

View Deal SAVE £11

Right now you can get online for as little as £17.99 per month. That cheap price is for Shell’s basic 11Mbps service which is suitable for homes that simply want to browse the web and answer a few emails.

Those wanting something faster will also find Shell has cut the cost of its Superfast Fibre and Superfast Fibre Plus packages. Superfast, which features 38Mbps speeds, now costs £21.99 (saving over £10) whilst Shell’s 67Mbps Superfast Fibre Plus is now £23.99 (saving over £13).

All of these deals are based on an 18-month contract and feature unlimited downloads plus no connection fee.


This is good news if you don’t mind switching suppliers and you’re looking to cut down on your bills but things get even better if you join Shell via Broadband Genie. The comparison website is currently offering a £100 Amazon gift card when consumers sign up and take out a broadband plan with Shell.

There’s no catch with the voucher appearing in your inbox once the contract is signed. All you need to do is supply an email address to Broadband Genie to take advantage of the offer.


Martin Lewis explains how to cut costs on broadband bundles

Even with this price cut and Amazon voucher it’s still worth shopping around before you buy.

There are plenty of deals available right with Three Mobile offering its 5G router for half the usual price – that means you’ll pay just £11 for the first six months of the contract.

It’s also worth checking to see if any smaller providers are offering broadband in your street.

Firm’s such as Community Fibre and Hyperoptic have some pretty epic deals available and it’s worth seeing who your local provider is and if they will pump broadband into your home.

For example, Community Fibre is currently offering 200Mbps speeds for just £22.50 and Hyperoptic has 150Mbps speeds for £20.


We all want faster broadband but do you really those blisteringly quick downloads? The faster your package the more you’ll pay each month so it’s worth checking to see if your home would cope with a slower connection.

If all you do is watch a bit of Netflix and send the odd email you won’t need a premium plan.

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose

36Mbps – 75Mbps • Perfect for web browsing and streaming in HD

100Mbps – 250Mbps • Perfect for web browsing, streaming in 4K and casual gaming

300Mbps – 500Mbps • Perfect for very busy homes where lots of people are using the web, streaming films and making video calls at the same time

1Gbps • Perfect for gamers who download endless new titles and busy homes where everyone is streaming in Ultra HD.

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