Now is the worst time ever to buy an iPhone 13 according to experts – here’s why

Fancy a new iPhone? Well, forget about the iPhone 13, as right now is probably the worst possible time to pick one up.

Apple's latest iPhone was only released last year and brings a whole range of new features to the popular smartphone range, from souped-up new cameras to some funky colours.

However, with Apple widely tipped to launch the iPhone 14 next month, and with Black Friday just around the corner, buying now could mean you miss out on some major bargains over the Autumn.

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That's because the price of the iPhone 13 could drop significantly with the launch of the new model and the looming winter sales.

For example, when the iPhone 13 launched last year, the iPhone 12 dropped significantly in price from £799 to £619.95. 

The iPhone 13 could undergo a similar price drop when the iPhone 14 releases in mid-September.

Meanwhile, Black Friday is coming up in November. 

Last year, UK mobile network providers like Three and others had some amazing offers on various iPhone models, allowing people to buy Apple's smartphones with discounted monthly payments. 

Similarly, big retailers like Amazon and Carphone Warehouse sold them at a knock-down price as well. 

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It's unclear when exactly the iPhone 14 is set to drop. Generally speaking, Apple holds its iPhone launches in mid-September, although rumour has it could be on September 13 or even earlier, on September 7th. 

Apple's 'Special Event' will likely see the launch of the new smartphone as well as some of its other premium products, including the AirPods Pro 2, new Macbooks, iPads, Apple Watches and more. 

The tech giant will also be launching iOS 16, the latest version of its iPhone operating system. It includes a host of new features including the ability to customise your app lock screen. 


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