New WhatsApp theme update makes popular chat app look like ‘Blade Runner’ sci fi

You could soon make your WhatsApp look just like something out of the sci-fi series Blade Runner, thanks to the arrival of a long-awaited new interface for the popular encrypted messaging app.

You'll soon be able to get your hands on WhatsApp's long-awaited 'dark mode'. Like 'dark mode' on Messenger or Android, it darkens all aspects of the user interface to make things look more stylish and easier on the eyes.

The new feature, which is currently on offer to beta testers, should one day become available to all WhatsApp users and can be tried out on a number of different platforms.

WABetaInfo said that if you use the dark theme on your Windows PC, WhatsApp will automatically set its theme to dark.

"Alternatively, you can choose the theme right within WhatsApp Settings > General. When you want to use a different theme, you have to restart WhatsApp to apply the changes," it said.

WhatsApp has also altered the app tint to green and changed a few layout issues on chat bubbles.

This follows an additional WhatsApp beta update to the app's voice call interface.

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How to join the WhatsApp beta and try out 'dark mode'

To sign up, follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap the three dots, then head to 'More Options'
  2. Tap Linked Devices
  3. Hit 'Multi-device beta'
  4. Tap 'Join beta'

The WhatsApp beta is where the app developers test new and experimental features for the messaging app before releasing them to the general public.

If you join the beta programme, you'll get to try out nifty new features on a weekly basis, such as message reactions, a new app layout, cryptocurrency payments, and even voice note previews.

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