New WhatsApp feature lets you preview your voice notes before sending them

If there’s one thing we can count on with WhatsApp, its constant updates.

The popular messaging app recently introduced new privacy measures that prevents unknown contacts from seeing a user’s last seen and online status.

Now WhatsApp has launched an upgrade to their voice message feature.

In addition to lettering users adjust the playback speed of their voice notes, WhatsApp now lets you preview your message before sending.

The Meta-owned platform announced the new feature: "Now you can preview your voice message on WhatsApp before you send it, perfect for those moments when you want to get your message just right."

What is the new WhatsApp voice message feature?

You can now check your voice notes for mistakes, sound quality – and if they make sense – before you hit send on them. The option to preview a voice message now appears after you press the stop button to finish a recording.

The message can then be previewed by using triangular play icon, after which you can either delete it with the trash can icon, or send it with the send button.

The feature which has only begun rolling out in recent weeks is now available across all platforms including iOS, Android, web, and desktop.

How to preview voice messages?

Here’s how you use the audio preview feature on your voice notes:

  1. Open either an individual or group chat
  2. Touching the mic icon, slide up to lock hands-free recording and start speaking.
  3. Once you’ve recorded the message tap stop. You can listen back to the message by tapping play.
  4. Then you’re free to delete it by clicking the trash can icon or send it by hitting the send button.

Note that you can also play any timestamp of the recording by simply tapping onto that part of the recording.

What are other WhatsApp voice notes features being rolled out?

Besides the two voice notes features that have already been rolled out, there have been reports that WhatsApp will soon launch a feature that will let you pause and resume recording of a voice message.

Other features are also in the pipeline, with WhatsApp confirming in September that it was in the early stages of developing a voice transcription feature that could one day allow you to read a transcription of a voice message rather than listening to it.

Another rumoured feature is the “global voice message player,” which will apparently let users listen to voice notes while browsing other WhatsApp chats. There is no information available yet on when these new features might roll out.

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