New iOS 15.4 update adds major iPhone features including ‘genderless’ Siri AI

Apple has launched the latest version of iOS which promises a whole range of major new features for iPhones new and old.

Coinciding with the release of the new budget-friendly 5G iPhone SE, iOS 15.4 adds new emoji, slight design changes, Universal Control (which allows Macs and iPads to be used together with the same mouse and keyboard), and much more.

Although it might seem a bit late to the game, perhaps one of the standout features of the new iOS is the ability to use FaceID while wearing a facemask.

The way it works is by authenticating the unique features around your eyes, rather than your whole face.

This means that you can keep COVID-safe in busy public places without having to pull down your facemask every time you use your iPhone.

Just make sure you're not wearing sunglasses or an eyepatch when you try to give it a go on your phone.

What's more, iOS 15.4 adds an extra US voice to Siri that is neither male nor female sounding. Called 'Quinn' internally, Apple said that the voice was recorded by a "member of the LGBTQ+ community."

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The addition follows a change to the iPhone which forced users to select the gender of their Siri voice assistant. Before that, Siri defaulted to female automatically in the US.

The new voice, 'number 5', sits alongside the four male and female Siri voice options.

iPhone users took to Twitter to share their excitement at the change. One user said: "THERES A GENDER NEUTRAL VOICE FOR SIRI?! IM SO HAPPY?!"

Others have pointed out that, as a robot, Siri is already gender neutral.

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