New GoMo mobile operator launches in Ireland

A new mobile operator has launched in Ireland.

GoMo is offering 80GB of data, plus all calls and texts, for €10 per month for the first 100,000 customers.

It will also allow 10GB of EU roaming data, plus all calls and texts.

The Eir-owned ‘virtual’ operator will run on Eir’s mobile network.

It is an aggressive pricing move from Eir, which will undercut all other operators in the market, including its own Eir Mobile.

However, it is a sim-only deal, meaning that there will be no phone offers with the network, which is typically a way for operators to get customers.

There will be no restrictions on using the SIM card for a Wifi hotspot. However, after the 80GB monthly data limit is reached, the data speeds will slow.

The move echoes what Eir’s French owner Xavier Niel, has done in other European countries.

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