New Dyson rival has one massive advantage when vacuuming your floors

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Dyson may rule the roost when it comes to cordless vacuums but it’ll soon have a new rival to contend with. The latest spring cleaning solution to arrive in the UK comes from the team at ROIDMI who have just announced the launch of the flagship RS70.

Like most modern vacuums, this device allows users to suck up the muck without needing to plug things into the wall but it also has one advantage that could make it a genuine competitor to Dyson. That’s because the RS70 doesn’t just get rid of dust but also washes the floors at the same time.

Thanks to an interchangeable water tank and motorised mop head this vacuum is aimed at making things look totally spotless. ROIDMI says it’s rotating electric dual-mopping brush uses smart chip technology to manage water seeping to keep the mop moist, but not wet.

Plus, with a wet wiping speed of 200rpm the RS70 it’s claimed this device can remove even dried stains and spills.

Other features coming to this vacuum include 80 minutes of cleaning time from one charge plus there’s a dynamic OLED-display, six-level air-purifier filtration, and internal antibacterial coating designed to kill microbes lurking inside the cleaner.

This machine is also fully connected allowing it to link to a smartphone.

Via a dedicated app, this connectivity allows owners to access information about battery capacity and battery health, cleaning time, remaining dust bin capacity and filter element condition.

As an added bit of fun, there’s even the option to see just how many calories have been burnt during the day’s cleaning.

Now, before you get too excited about a vacuum that’s also a mop, it’s worth noting that it’s not exactly cheap.

The flagship RS70 model will set you back around £600 which is around the same price as Dyson’s new laser-guided V15 Detetct (A full review of that device can be found here).

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That’s a lot of money and it might be worth waiting for the usual reviews to appear before rushing to your local electronics store.

The RS70 comes with a five-year motor guarantee as standard, with a two-year warranty on the battery.  It will be available from September from its website, Harrods, Selfridges, Amazon and Euronics independent retailers. 

If you haven’t heard of ROIDMI then you won’t be alone as this is a relatively new brand in the UK.

It was founded in China in 2015 and launched its first vacuum in Britain in 2019.

The company now produces a wide range of products including robot cleaners that will whizz around floors automatically.

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