Netflix price rise: Streaming service hikes prices – email confirms how much you’ll pay

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Netflix announced it was hiking prices for customers late last month and now those affected by the increase are being told exactly how much more they will need to pay. Emails have begun arriving into inboxes which explain the new costs with some streaming fans being hit by an increase of as much as £2 per month.

The email, seen by, states: “We’re bringing you new TV programmes & films. We’re updating our prices to bring you more great entertainment. Your monthly bill will increase by £2 to £13.99 on 28 February 2021.

“This update will allow us to deliver even value for your membership.”

Not everyone is being hit by the same increase with those currently subscribing to the Standard Netflix plan seeing things go up by a £1 to £9.99 per month.

If you opt for the Premium plan, which allows you to watch on more devices at once and view shows in 4K, you’ll now pay £13.99 instead of £11.99 per month.

Those who subscribe to the “Basic” £5.99 package won’t be affected as this plan is not going up in price.

Speaking about the rise Nick Baker, streaming and TV expert at, said: “Netflix has been a lifeline for many people during lockdown, so this price rise is an unwanted extra expense for households feeling the financial pressure.

“It’s unfortunate timing that this price hike coincides with another national lockdown, when all of us will be streaming more television and films than ever.

“It’s worth remembering that if you feel you aren’t getting value for money from your subscription you can cancel penalty free whenever you want. “Alternatively, if you’re currently on the standard plan but could manage watching on just one screen, you could downgrade to a basic package for £5.99.”

The news certainly hasn’t gone down well with users with many taking to social media to complain about the increase.

Speaking on Twitter, one Netflix fan said: “After the latest @NetflixUK price rise I’m going to have to think again about it. At least downgrading.”

Whilst another added: “The benefit of Netflix was it’s value before. Might be time to give @Netflix the elbow with a price rise incoming.”

Netflix isn’t the only streaming service putting up prices this year,

Disney has also confirmed plans to increase the monthly cost of its Disney+ subscription service from February 23, 2021. That means anyone who subscribes for the first time at the tail-end of next month will need to cough-up £7.99 a month – a price rise of £2 compared with the £5.99 a month subscription cost since Disney+ launched in the UK on March 24, 2020.

For those who already have a subscription to Disney+, the company has confirmed that it will continue to honour the existing £5.99 a month cost for an extra six months. So while those signing up to Disney+ for the first time on February 23 will be charged £7.99 a month, those who already hold an account won’t have to pay that amount until August 23, 2021.

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