Nasty ‘one click hack’ Gmail can steal your savings instantly – delete it now

Gmail users are being warned not to open emails with dodgy attachments over fears that a new 'one-click hack' scam is harvesting data from victims.

The attack uses innocent-looking file formats to bamboozle its targets into opening a dodgy file. This file might look like a Word document or a simple text file but, if it's opened, will infect your device with malware that can slurp up all of the information from your web browser.

That means hackers could access your social media, your private files, and even get their hands on your bank account login and rinse your savings clean in minutes.

A senior security researcher at Trustwave, Diana Lopera, warned that the emails carry something called the 'Vidar' malware with text that encourages readers to open an attachment.

Diana said that: "The messages in this campaign have two things in common.

"First, the email body has similar text, which as usual, directs the recipient's attention to the attachment.

"Second, the email contains only one attachment named 'request.doc'."

This .doc file is actually a .iso file which can compromise your entire device by activating the Vidar malware.

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This malware can steal data from a wide range of apps and browsers, including your Facebook username and password or your logins to online banking.

Once the virus has had its way with your computer, it's able to vanish without a trace by deleting any files it created on your system.

So if you receive an email attachment from someone you don't know, don't open it unless you want to risk losing everything.

Equally, if you get any attachments from people you do know, make sure to scan any emails with a reliable antivirus software as even friends can get infected with viruses and pass them on.

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