Mum shares brilliant tip for locking iPhone screen before letting kids use it

A brilliant tip for locking iPhone screens has been shared by a mum who doesn’t want her kids fiddling with the settings.

By activating the ‘Guided Access’ mode, it’s possible to disable the touchscreen on an iPhone without turning off the display.

It means parents can hand an iPhone to their kids to watch a YouTube video without fear of them getting into the phone’s other apps. The setting can be found in any iOS device, so it works with iPads as well.

The trick was shared on Facebook where it quickly picked up thousands of likes. It was also shared more than 128,000 times.

Labelling it a public service announcement, the tech-savvy mum wrote: ‘Those if you with iPhones…if you turn on Guided Access, you can hand your phone to baby when they’re watching a show and they’ can’t hit any buttons!

‘It locks it in that app. To turn off guided access, you have to triple click the home button (so it’s not easily done).’

How to use Guided Access to lock an iPhone touchscreen

If you have an iPhone (or iPad) go into the Settings menu and find the ‘General’ tab.

Scroll down to Accessibility and tap it, then go to the bottom to find the option to toggle on Guided Access.

Once you’ve toggled it on, all you need to do is triple-click the power switch (or Home button if you’re using an older iPhone or iPad) to enable it.

Now you can hand the phone over to your partner, child or pet without worrying about them poking and prodding through your phone.

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