Mum catches Uber Eats driver scratching crotch right before giving her McDonalds

A mum-of-one has demanded a refund for her McDonald's mozzarella dippers and quarter pounder after she spotted her Uber Eats driver scratching his crotch right before delivering her meal.

Care home worker Alex Wright, 22, spent £12.45 at McDonald's after finishing a long week of work.

Right before answering the front door to take the food, however, she noticed her Uber Eats driver scratching his crotch on her Amazon Ring doorbell for almost a minute.

Ms Wright said: "Initially I saw the funny side of it and had a giggle to myself before realising how physically disgusting it was, to the point I couldn't eat the food.'

Ms Wright explained that after a long day of work she ordered a McDonald's to save on cooking and washing up.

"I'd usually drive to pick it up but after a long day I just really couldn't be bothered to go out again. I had the notification that the driver was here and went straight to my doorbell app to see he found the house okay.

"We live in a dark corner and it's not immediately obvious which house he would be delivering to. I saw it all live and it lasted a good 45 seconds to a minute."

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Although the driver only touched the closed bag, she said she thought about "different scenarios, such as a waiter in a restaurant walking over with my plate of food while scratching his genitals."

She even thought the driver had wet himself in the footage, which she was able to view on her Amazon app.

After complaining to Uber Eats, Ms Wright said she received a call from their senior support team who said the driver had been blocked from delivering to her again.

She was also promised a £12.45 refund for the meal, which she claims she has not yet received.

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An Uber Eats spokesperson said: "Food safety is our top priority here at Uber Eats. Couriers working with us are expected to follow our community guidelines on delivering orders and are asked to maintain good personal hygiene to help ensure the safety of food. We are currently investigating this report."

Friends of Ms Wright called the delivery driver a "scruffy b*****d". Mel Evans said: "No way. Please tell me you didn't eat it."

McDonald's first started offering deliveries in the UK in 2017 when it partnered with Uber Eats.

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