‘Most exciting GTA 6 feature yet’ emerges as Rockstar making ‘lifelike’ graphics

Grand Theft Auto 6 is set to include an incredible new high-tech games engine built from the ground up by Rockstar Games—and it's designed to have even better graphics than the industry-leading Unreal Engine.

According to Rockstar Mag founder Chris Klippel who shared the news on Twitter, the forthcoming GTA 6 will look far "ahead of its time" thanks to the RAGE9 engine and "outperform" Unreal, made by Fortnite developer Epic Games.

In French, Klippel wrote: "The new version of the graphics engine of Rockstar Games (RAGE9) which will be used for GTA 6 is likely to be quite incredible.

"I was able to get very positive feedback, we really shouldn't be disappointed on this point. We are talking about an engine ahead of its time."

Klippel added: "Apparently the goal is to outperform the Unreal Engine. They are capable of it, we will see if they can do it."

This major graphics announcement isn't the first big leak to come out of GTA 6's secretive development this week.

According to Rockstar analyst GTA 6 News and Leaks, a Rockstar Games insider claims that "a prominent Russian character has been removed from GTA VI due to the Ukraine invasion".

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The billionaire character was said to "have ties to the Russian government" and resemble a character from John Wick.

Russian characters and references to Russia have also reportedly been cut from the game, as Rockstar follows the example of other companies that have removed Russian references from their products.

Other rumours include hints that Rockstar is working on technology that would allow thousands of people to play GTA 6 online at once and appear in the same game simultaneously.

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