Microsoft is changing Microsoft Office after 30 years

Microsoft Office is changing. Sort of.

The actual product will stay the same. Don’t worry – Word, Powerpoint, Excel and the rest aren’t going anywhere.

But it won’t be called Microsoft Office any more. Instead, the tech giant has announced it’s rebranding to Microsoft 365.

Over the next few months,, the Office mobile app, and Microsoft’s Office app for Windows will all adopt new branding and icons.

Although the functionality of the apps will stay the same, there will be one big difference: the price.

Microsoft 365 is a monthly subscription service while Microsoft Office is a one-time purchase.

At present, those who already subscribe to Microsoft 365 get all the latest updates as part of the package. If you’ve bought Microsoft Office, you have to buy a new version when you want to upgrade.

Amazingly, Microsoft Office was first released all the way back in 1990 – and has stayed pretty consistent since then.

If you really don’t want to fork over more cash each month for yet another subscription, then Microsoft will still let you make a one-time purchase of the individual Office apps like Word or Outlook.

‘Microsoft is introducing a new Microsoft 365 app for web, Windows and mobile, the home for the favorite tools and content across Microsoft 365 for commercial and consumer users,’ the company said.

‘The app, which is an evolution of the work started with the Office app, showcases the value of Microsoft 365, all in one place. It not only makes it simple to get started, but it also harnesses the intelligence generated from within the Microsoft 365 solution in a way that makes work easier.’

Prices for Microsoft 365 currently stand at £80 per year for a family subscription (up to 6 people) or £60 per year for a single subscription.

Microsoft says it will begin rolling out the change next month.

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