McIntosh Labs' Hybrid MA12000 Is Its Most Powerful Amplifier Made

McIntosh Labs has just produced its most powerful amplifier to date. Dubbed the MA12000, the hybrid integrated amplifier offers 350 watts per channel and harnesses the best of both worlds thanks to its hybrid design of a warm vacuum tube preamp (four 12AX7A vacuum tubes – two tubes per audio channel), combined with a powerful solid-state amplifier.

The amplifier also features 17 inputs (10 analog/7 digital), McIntosh’s fuse-less short-circuit protection, two trademark “McIntosh Blue” watt meters, Home Theater PassThru, 8-band tone control, and stainless steel construction. This behemoth of an amp is 22-inches wide and weighs over 100 pounds. Those interested in adding one of these to their home audio setup can head over to McIntosh Labs to order one today for $14,000 USD.

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