Mars, Saturn and Jupiter align in the dawn sky next to the moon

Skywatchers who rose early this morning were treated to a special sight as three planets were visible in the sky alongside the moon.

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn could all be seen with the naked eye in the early dawn light.

And if you didn’t manage to see it for yourself this morning don’t worry – the same view will greet you tomorrow and Friday morning.

Getting out and spotting the planets – providing there’s no cloud cover spoiling things – is a good way to pass some time during lockdown. Especially as this alignment won’t happen again for several years.

Remember to give your eyes about 15 or 20 minutes to adjust to the low light – especially if you live in a place where there’s a lot of light pollution.

Mars in particular should be easy to spot as the planet is coming closer to Earth than it has done in years, getting brighter as it does so.

According to astronomers, Jupiter and Saturn only come in conjunction once every 20 years – so the last time we got a view like this was in May 2000.

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