Looking for a new Washing Machine? We’ve rounded up the best and the cheapest

Washing machines may not be the most exciting bit of tech we invest in, but it would be fair to say they're important – especially given how much we use them.

Larger families or those with little ones will know all too well the need for a reliable washing machine, and with an average age of just over five years, it's important to get your purchase right.

EU environment ministers are mulling over a proposal called the "Right To Repair" scheme, which will put pressure on appliance manufacturers to make goods that are more durable and easier to repair – hopefully meaning fewer dilapidated machines being thrown into landfill at the end of their lives.

If the scheme does come into effect, it won't be for a while – and if you're on the lookout for the best washing machines we've got our picks of the best cheaper models under £300, as well as some of the best around if money is no issue.

Best Cheaper Washing Machines Under £300

Candy GVS168D3

With an 8KG load size and clever tech that adjusts the settings based on the type of clothing inside, this Candy is packed with features at a low price-point.

In fact, you can use the accompanying app to control the machine wherever you are – perfect for busy households.

Price: £209, Amazon – Buy Here now

Indesit My Time EWD71452W

Another affordable machine with plenty of features, this Indesit offers six "My Time" washes that take less than an hour but focus on different types of clothes.

Add to that "Water Balance" tech and you'll never have your last-minute wash for a night out drowned in water again.

Price: £219, AO.com – Buy Here now

Zanussi Lindo 300 ZWF01483W

A premium washing experience for just under £300? Sign us up. This Zanussi doesn't offer pre-wash options, but it does offer a 10kg load size wish performance to match more expensive models.

It's also impressively quiet, making it ideal for open-plan homes.

Price: £299, AO.com – Buy Here now

Best Washing Machines 2020

1) Bosch Serie 4 WAN28201GB

This Bosch model outperforms more expensive models, stays quiet while doing so, and uses an "EcoSilence Drive" to prevent that irritating "whine" while the drum spins – what's not to love?

The knowledgeable bunch over at Expert Reviews even awarded it five-stars, so if you're not yet convinced you can find their review here .

Price: £399, John Lewis – Buy Here now

2) Miele WDB038WPS

With a 7kg drum that weighs and adjusts water and energy levels to maintain efficiency, this Miele is impressively environmentally friendly.

That should help it last longer, too – and it's been tested up to 20-years of use.

Price: £549, John Lewis – Buy Here now

3) Hotpoint Activecare NM111045 WC AUK

Offering a huge 10kg drum and the brand's "Activecare" technology, this Hotpoint machine can remove over 100 stains at temperatures as low as 20C – making it more efficient and cheaper to run.

The motor can power 10 different drum motions in one wash, and Active Load monitors the wash time and how much water is required at any point in time.

Price: £379.97, Appliances Direct – Buy Here now

4) AEG 7000 Series L7FEE865R

Arguably the most stylish washing machine on this list, this AEG model pre-weighs the load to plan how much water to use, while also running impressively quietly.

It also has a touch-control panel, which allows you to select things more easily than the plastic buttons found elsewhere.

Price: £549, John Lewis – Buy Here now

5) Beko WTG1041B4W

A great cheaper option, this Beko has a hefty 10kg capacity and an impressive range of diverse washing cycles – including baby clothing and fibre duvet.

It's also energy-efficient, and while it's not silent, it isn't particularly loud either.

Price: £279, AO.com – Buy Here now

Best Washing Machines at CES 2020

As we noted earlier, washing machines tend to have a five-year lifespan, but the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) gave us a glimpse of the future courtesy of LG.

The firm's new appliances will offer something called "Proactive Customer Care", which will use AI to communicate with customers if they're doing things like adding too much detergent.

It'll also detect the weight, volume, and fabric type of the load to decrease fabric by 15%. In fact, they won a coveted Innovation Award at the event.

That's alongside the brand's new Instaview fridge freezers that track the contents of the fridge and dispenses perfectly spherical ice.

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