‘Lifesaver’ iPhone setting keeps you safe on your way home – activate it now

iPhone users are being advised to activate a little-known map feature which can help keep you safe on any journey.

The safety feature, which is ideal for parents or people making solo journeys, is directly built into the Apple Maps app.

It's called Share ETA, and activating it sends selected friends or family a real-time tracker of your location along with your estimated time of arrival.

Best of all, it will even provide a live map of your route to show if you've taken any wrong turnings.

Apple expert and TikTok user Katarina Mogus has advised her followers to activate the feature the next time they go on a trip.

"If you're anything like me and forget to tell people that you made it to the destination safely, this is what you're gonna do," said Mogus in a viral clip.

She added: "If you're a parent, this is super easy for your kids to do so that you know that they got to the location safely."

To activate the feature, open the Apple Maps app on your iPhone.

Once you've typed in directions, hit 'Go'. In the bottom right corner, there's a menu icon.

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Just tap this icon and then select 'Share ETA', which shares your location with recent contacts or multiple people at once.

If a specific contact isn't on the list you can just tap 'Contacts' and search for whoever you want.

You'll know you're sharing your location when an alert appears at the bottom of your screen informing you.

To stop sharing your location, just tap the icon of the person you're sharing with.

Another important safety feature is the '5-click trick', which rings the emergency services with your location. British skiier Tim Blakely was on a solo-ride 10,000ft up a Swiss mountain when he fell into a 15ft gap in the ice. His five click trick made it possible for Swiss rescue teams to find him, and he made it home in one piece.

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