Keanu Reeves warns corporations will replace us with AI and ‘don’t give a ****’

Corporations will replace artists with artificial intelligence because they'd 'rather not pay' them, Matrix actor Keanu Reeves has claimed.

In an interview with WIRED, Keanu said corporations 'don't give a f***' about paying artists and called technology a 'system of control and manipulation'.

Reeves said: "The people who are paying you for your art would rather not pay you. They're actively seeking a way around you, because artists are tricky. Humans are messy."

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He also warned readers that 'the cute machines' behind AI and NFT digital art are trying 'to control those things'.

Reeves said: "People are growing up with these tools: We're listening to music already that's made by AI in the style of Nirvana, there's NFT digital art. It's cool, like, Look what the cute machines can make!

"But there's a corporatocracy behind it that's looking to control those things. Culturally, socially, we're gonna be confronted by the value of the real, or the nonvalue. And then what's going to be pushed on us? What's going to be presented to us?"

Keanu Reeves is well-known for his acting roles in sci-fi and futuristic movies and games.

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His biggest role before becoming action hero John Wick was undoubtedly Neo in The Matrix trilogy, where he played a hacker who discovers reality is a computer simulation run by AI and leads a war against 'the machines'.

Reeves also played leading character Johnny Silverhand in the videogame Cyberpunk 2077. Fans of the game even made mods to enable them to have sex with his digital character. When asked about these mods by WIRED, Reeves responded: "Getting it on with Johnny Silverhand?! I hope it was good. I'm sure Johnny tried hard."


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