Jaw-dropping images of the Northern Lights captured in Finland

The northern lights have been particularly active in northern Finland over the last few days and one photographer was there to capitalise.

On Tuesday, February 18, dancing lights could be seen over the skies of the arctic town of Kilpisjarvi.

The town is located in Finland’s Lapland region, close to the border with Norway and Sweden and within the Arctic circle.

The show coloured the sky with green, pink and white lights forming quickly changing patterns.

Footage of the light show was captured by an enthusiast from Rovaniemi, around 420 km south of Kilpisjarvi, who said the Tuesday night northern lights had been ‘really special’.

Spring is one of the best times to see the northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, because of augmented solar wind activity taking place in the Arctic that time of year.

Not everyone is lucky enough to make it to Lapland to see the northern lights in person, but cast your eyes over these stunning snaps.

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