It’s time to upgrade your TV! LG unveils the big screen of your dreams

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Anyone wanting an even bigger screen in their homes will soon be able to go truly supersized. LG has just announced the release of its new evo Gallery Edition TV range which ships in numerous sizes including a whopping 97-inches. That makes this telly officially the biggest OLED screen ever to be sold to consumers.

Along with offering a cinema-style experience right in your living room this giant gogglebox also features the latest Gen5 AI Processor which LG says will make sure all content looks pin-sharp and pixel packed.

That’s all thanks to some advanced picture algorithms which help the giant display deliver lifelike images and make things feel more like a true cinematic viewing experience.

Of course, if you’ve splashed out on a giant screen you’re going to want to proudly display it on your walls and LG has made sure it fits neatly into homes.

The 97-inch G2 series model incorporates LG’s clever flush-to-the-wall Gallery Design, offering a seamless, integrated look that will instantly elevate the most luxurious home movie theatre.

Like all new TVs, this device is fully internet connected for easy access to the most popular streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV+.

LG will be showing off this big screen at the IFA technology show in Berlin and it won’t be the only gadget on display.

Also on show in Germany is LG’s massive 136-inch 4K Micro LED TV which uses this neat technology to show top-notch picture quality on a giant scale.

Using tiny micrometre-sized self-lit pixels, these screens are not only brighter and more accurate but also last a lot longer and are much more energy efficient.

There’s no word on when these new screens will be available for homes or how much they will cost but LG has confirmed that its evo Gallery Edition TV, model 97G2, will soon be available for purchase in global markets.

Now, you might be wondering why LG is launching such huge TVs but the answer seems pretty simple.

According to a recent market research report, OLED TVs will account for 55 percent of the European premium TV market this year, and 66 percent by 2023.

The report also forecasts that, in 2022, global shipments of TVs over 70-inches will reach approximately 14.9 million units, increasing to nearly 17.1 million units next year.

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