iPhone 12 is half price, and it’s not the only incredible Apple deal around right now

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If you’re looking to upgrade to a brand-new iPhone, there’s a phenomenal deal available from Three Mobile right now. The company is offering half-price bills for the first six months to anyone who opts for the iPhone 12 with unlimited 5G mobile data, unlimited calls, and unlimited text messages. The 24-month plan usually costs £53 a month, but that drops to a bargain £26.50 for the first six months of the new contract. The incredible half price saving will save £207 over the course of the first six months. 

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 arrives with dual-cameras, including an ultra-wide that can fit even the tallest skyscrapers into your viewfinder, Face ID facial recognition to unlock the handset and authenticate contactless payments, and wireless charging with Apple’s MagSafe system. Three Mobile will cut your monthly bills in half for the first six months, with unlimited 5G data to take full advantage of all of the latest capabilities built into this 2020 flagship phone!

Contract length: 24-Months | Upfront Cost: £29 | Unlimited 5G Data | Unlimited Calls, Unlimited Text Messages

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