Hotmail sign in: How to log in to Hotmail account

Hotmail is the number one emailing service for more than half a billion people worldwide.

The Microsoft email service company recently updated Hotmail to bring in a more user-friendly operating system called Outlook. 

Hotmail’s update to Outlook has been confusing for many users, with the user interface moving some of the options around. explains how to log in and out of your account safely.

How do I sign in to my Hotmail? 

To sign in to your Hotmail account, head over to

Click on the log in tab and you will be greeted with a page to enter your details. 

Next, enter your Hotmail email address followed by your password.


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You will then be given access to your account. 

If you have two-step verification, you will need to enter those details, either through email, text or use your verification app.

How do I sign out of Hotmail? 

The new update brings both Hotmail and Outlook together, so the process of logging in and out of your account will be the same no matter which service you actually use. 


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To sign out of your Hotmail or Outlook account, open up your email account on your web browser. 

Look to the top-right of the screen and click on your username to open up a menu box. 

One of the options in the drop-down menu will be to sign out.

Click this button and you will be automatically logged out of your account. 

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