Hidden Echo energy-saving tip smart speaker users should know

Amazon is offering you the chance to take greater control of your energy usage through a new little-known Echo 5 feature. Amazon’s voice-controlled Echo Show 5 has a whole host of uses, from settings alarms and making calls to streaming music and controlling the lights in your home.

But now, it could even help you save cash on your energy bills at a time of record high prices.

If you have a smart meter, you can keep even closer tabs on your energy usage with the help the tracking apps like Loop Energy Saver or Hugo Energy skills, which Amazon has partnered with.

The ‘Loop’ integrated energy dashboard app will show up on your Echo Show 5 and give you unique insights about your energy consumption, even offering advice on how to bring it down.

Simply say, “Alexa, show me my energy dashboard” and it will take you there. You can also ask your device for unique insights just by saying “Alexa, what was my electricity consumption yesterday” or “how much electricity have I used today?”.

It will even tell you where you are wasting money thanks to the energy data it provides. But while the skill is free, only households with a smart meter can use it.

But if you buy Amazon’s new energy control kit, you may also have the chance to save some extra cash even without the need for a smart meter. You could get your hands on one of the new smart thermostat starter kits ( you can choose between the Netatmo or tado° thermostats).

The bundles include a smart thermostat, an Echo Show 5, and two connected sockets (Meross). Simply by using your own voice or the interactive display, your Echo Show 5 can control your thermostat, light bulbs, smart plugs and more when paired with these devices.

When you are not at home, you could remotely switch off power-hungry devices, such as your TV or lights, to avoid running up your bill on the power you are not using.

All you would have to do is set up an absence routine or turn off the power when you leave your home by simply saying something like “Alexa, I’m leaving”.

When you shoot off to work in the morning, you can simply ask your device to turn the lights off by saying “Alexa, goodbye”, or Alexa “good night” when you go to bed. But first, users must make sure the smart plug-connected socket is set up.

You could also ask your Echo to automatically turn the heating on or off, up or down, when you are not even at home by setting up a new absence routine. One Netatmo Smart Thermostat package, which also comes with an Echo Show 5 (2nd gen, 2021 release), and two Smart Plugs Meross, costs £155.99 and is £110.55 less than buying the items separately.

The slightly more expensive Tado° thermostat package comes with the same extras but costs £175.99. But this is £135.55 less than buying all the items separately.

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