‘Heartbroken’ couples devastated as hackers steal wedding and honeymoon money

Zola, a wedding app that lets couples build websites, gift registers and budgets, was targeted by hackers this week who reportedly made off with thousands of pounds in wedding money.

Reports of the hack first emerged over the weekend when devastated couples shared news that their money had gone missing from their accounts after hackers used their login details to order gift cards in their name.

TechCrunch claims to have seen posts from a hacker Telegram channel where cybercriminals show offer screenshots and brag about ordering gift cards from users' stolen accounts.

For some couples it has proved to be a massive disruption as they gear up to host one of the most stressful events there is.

One woman said on Twitter: "[Zola] would get hacked a week before our wedding lol"

Another said: "My Zola account was hacked over the weekend [with] hackers charging hundreds of dollars on my card & stealing money in our honeymoon account. "

Alexis Kleinman, an editor at Axios, wrote: "I hate to do this on here, but my Zola account was hacked over the weekend. They took my credit card info, tried to spend my money and likely stole my wedding gifts."

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In a statement, Zola said: "Ultimately, fewer than 0.1% of all Zola couples were impacted. The majority of this attack was resolved by the forced password reset that was sent to all users."

They added that all attempted fraudulent cash transfers were blocked and will be refunded, and said that "couple who did experience irregular activity on their accounts can rest assured that any outstanding issues will be resolved and addressed".

Zola customers have been advised to reset their passwords and that any affected customers will be contacted by the company "directly".

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