Heardle Decades is a new spin on the ever-popular Wordle game – how to play

Back in March, Heardle launched a musical version of the word-based game Wordle.

Unlike the original game that was later bought by the New York Times, Heardle required you to listen to song intros.

You then had to guess the song and were given a few attempts to do so.

It was similar to Framed, the film version of Wordle that would show a picture of a film each day and give you five chances to guess it correctly.

There is an ever-increasing ocean of Wordle-type games flooding the market, and now Heardle Decades is here.

This adds a new dynamic to the original Heardle and is free to play now.

What is Heardle Decades?

Heardle Decades is an unofficial spin-off of the first Heardle and once again requires you to guess songs based solely on their intro.

However, this time you can pick the decade of your choice, with the game offering songs from the 1960s all the way up to the Noughties.

If you clean house through all the decades, there are other game modes as well.

Some of these focus on specific artists such as George Michael, Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys and more.

It also offers a selection of music genres specifically, with one option being hip hop.

How does Heardle Decades work?

You can play the game, and all its game modes on heardledecades.com.

Playing the game is simple: all you have to do is load up the website and pick a game mode you would like to explore.

Once this has loaded, hit the play button and a song will begin blasting out.

If you think you know what the sing is, start typing it out in the search bar and a list of music will appear.

Select the song you think it is, but if it isn’t the right choice, a bit more of the song will start playing.

It is essential you select the song from the list, as stated on the website: “The game is looking for specific formatting and missing out an apostrophe can result in an incorrect answer. So always select the answer from the list.”

This will repeat five times or until you have guessed it correctly.

You can share your scores on social media and challenge your friends to see if they can guess them correctly.

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